l'arc en ciel

Trade With Me

  • Please allow at least 7 days for a response to your trade request.
  • Please spell out card names completely (ie. do NOT type cardname01/02; DO type cardname01, cardname02)
  • If the form doesn't work, feel free to contact me through the following methods:
    • email: theshiningstarnetwork[at]gmail.com
    • discord: iristigerlily#5999
  • If it's a large trade, feel free to break it up into smaller trades.
  • I do not mind being given random cards if you do not have any for my collecting or keeping piles, but please make an effort to look before you submit the trade!
  • The tradeform should double-check to see if you have the same number of cards in the wanting and giving boxes, but it will send the form regardless, so don't worry if you're trading an uneven amount of cards (eg. 1 special for 2 regular).